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MEMORIES in THAILAND 2016/8-2017/7


初訪問者へ!「Golden Apple」で読んで欲しい10記事を紹介する!


Hello, Im KJ

I came back to japan 1 week ago.

Im gonna write my experience in Thailand




My 1 year started with terrible accident

 The beginning

I was very excited to study in Thailand in the remaining last 5 days in japan. Let's go! See you Japan. I was supposed to leave Japan on 8th August. However, I noticed at the check-in counter I forgot my passport at home.


Oh shit! I definitely freaked out. I cannot make it if I return my house or someone (father working on that day) bring it to airport cuz it took so long from my house to airport.


It's, of course, my first time to forget passport. My mind filled with regret and sadness. Eventually, I bought new ticket and next day left successfully



TU life officially began


I was surprised to see so many Americans and few Chinese and Koreans than I expected. Before I used to think that Chinese students would conquer international university all over the world because of mass population.


I got so anxious about making friends because my English was very poor and have no confidence to talk kind of equally with native English speaker. Basically Asian got familiar with Asian easily for whatever reason that I am not capable of answering,


Now I realized that there are nothing to worry about too much but in those time it bothered me so much.



Waste it night

Three days later, the birthday of royal princess, I got so drunk at rooftop in 3J. This moment was with marina-san, former exchange student at TU two years ago, Nat etc.


What makes me surprised me is that Sakata-san, my senior in high school studied at TU as well. I’m from same town and same baseball club in high school, if i would go to Meiji Uni. I would have chased his life experience exactly lol I’m wondering why Nat know 'Japanese drink chanting(?)', it’s like Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!?55 he is like Japanese more than Japanese I felt. I completely wasted it then imagine it lol


Ko Pan gan

I went to Ko Pangan with Japanese friend at TU and Janet, Taiwanese, and Imafuku-san, from same home uni to go to Half moon party. What makes me impressed was that it was like how freshman usually spend in uni.


They don’t have responsibility and vague anxiety about future... I felt like I am free from everything.


Second Floating Market

Talinchan Floating Market! The second time! My Thai buddy, Nam, invited me to the event group with puan kon Thai and Ankrit, Yipun. SNAPCHAT help us get closer to each other I think lol. I have Snapchat Account but never used it. In Japan cuz snapchat is seen as SNS for only 'Sweet' girls. Now most of my follower in Snapchat is them.



I went to eat at Tip Samai, which is sooo popular for local kon thai with ex-couple, Komomi, Conor, and Palm, Beer, kon thai. GUESS how many times I meet Konomi? Of course, Japan, Australia, when I studied for a month, Britain and France, when I travel part of Europe for a month TWICE lol, and then Thailand.


I think she could decide where she would travel from where I was. In Tip Samui, we bumped into my TU friends, Harriet, Azu, Elnora lol, after dinner, we went to Khaosan together and enjoyed Khaosan night.


Miracle of Khao Yai

the experience I feel Thai ppl are so kind, friendly

Most impressive experience in Thailand I felt Thai people is realllllllly kind. I went to Khao Yai National park with Nana instead Half marathon, which was postponed next year.


No transportation three inside Khao Yai national park except by car, so we found no way to explore. Then one car helped us and took us to the central of park and waterfall. The family, Japanese wife, Thai husband, cute children are all friendly. I was so grateful to them.


They planned to stay one night on camping at Khao Yai. I wanted to do that with them555



Paay, Chiang Mai, Loy Krathong Festival

I went to Paay, Chiang Mai. Exploring in Paay was one of the most exciting experiences. Although, I fell down and got my friend injured. I'd never driven motorbike even car in Japan. First time experience always makes me feel scared, worried, and internally excited.


Spicy Paay, the guesthouse we (Raku, Allison, Chikumi) stayed one night, was so cool. It's a tree house style building made from bamboo, surrounded by amazing nature. It's so Southeast Asia we imagine.


Loy Krathong festival was amazing! So variety of Krathong were floating to endless ceiling. It's like the scene seen in Disney movie 'Rapunzel'. During this festival, most of TU students were there to see it. It was a lot of fun to share the moment with them.



Alumni visit -the most shocking experience-

I visit OB (alumni) from same uni working at HR-related company (to be honest, Recruit) and 15 minutes later he said angrily to me "Go back to your house. It's totally waste of time" I could not manage a conversational ball with him. I got upset in conversations cuz I don't know how to fix our conversation at all


When I was told go back, I had been so shocked for a while and cried at home in the night a little55 Actually I felt I didn't know how I started taking to this people at all even now I won't be confident to do that even though everything about me is perfect


It's second alumni visit for me. My first time was with Sugano-san, alumni from same uni and same club, I have known before in alumni meeting in Japan. It was comfortable to have gorgeous sushi and make kind of serious talk. This shocking experience made me much stronger.



Birthday -3 ppl shared memorial day-

The unforgettable moment: my 21st birthday. I suddenly visited Khaosan. UCHIAGE party of Beginning Thai had been held after midnight, the moment I turned of age. I’d always stayed home in my life,so it's something new and special for me.  


AND what makes me SURPRISED most is like there were 3 people, Nur, Yanni, me who had birthday on 12/11. 3 people shared birthday in same place? Same classmate who took Beginning Thai? I've never seen those who has birthday on 12/11 except me! CRAZY!!


Then went back at 2-3? am, slept, woke up as usual. In the morning I was fiddling with Laptop as usual. I was supposed to stay home I mean canteen all day as usual (?)  Noa saved me from being a canteen boy even in birthday. I am so grateful to everyone, including Noa who celebrated in pizza raanaahan duay.



Muay Thai fighting

I was so excited to see Muay Thai Fighting cuz I've been staying in Thailand for already 6 months but never experienced seeing it. I just wrote about Muay Thai fighting


'Overwhelming describe how I felt exactly after that' then we headed to Siam and have dinner at Thai Italian restaurant and DESSERT at Korean dessert cafe Subling Siam.


I spent much money this day tho I desperately need to save money for traveling. This was last time to meet Arshene. I can't forget he hit on Japanese girls in Chiang Mai with words 'KAWAIINE, NAMAE NANI? ASOBOUYO' lol



Fight Against Uni

I fight against Thammasat University about course. I failed to take other faculty's course although I send the request about course registration much earlier but they got trouble satisfying my request, to put it simply.


BBA office (other faculty) continued 'seat is not available’ cuz it's filled up to 20 for exchange student, It can't be helped' without apology. I was so mad about this issue that I have done much complainant in Twitter



Kanchanaburi Trip

Kanchanaburi first trip in semester 2 with BBA friends, Yipuns. Around 8 people? Big group. In Kanchanaburi, famous bridge, the Bridge On The River Kwai. We were on railway to take best photo in front of train even when train approaches slowly.


Then it is announced that Next station is ... no. Next destination is Thai ancient town we can wear Thai traditional costume. It was like literally ancient town. We could pay with old currency and take umbrella. It was lots of fun for me as semester 2 trip. cuz of other trips are mostly solitary journey.



Filled with darkness -the most depressing moment-

From the end of February to middle of March I had been in darkness. During sport week (1 week holiday) I didn't plan to travel unlike everyone cuz I was supposed to do internship in some company that did not allow me to enjoy my holiday.


However it failed.  I could not do that. I was so irritated, upset, depressed, and I had nothing to do during sport week holiday. My fault was definitely watching INU YASYA, anime. I didn't expect it’s gonna be lasting until 180 episodes. Canteen boy always watching anime.


It's filled with darkness. Then after INU YASYA, I watched March comes in like a lion, Ano Hana, Hanasaku Iroha, your lie in April. Fucking addictive to anime during this period. I certainly intended to fulfill margin in my mind with Anime. It might be most depressing period since 2014, when I enroll University.


What I wanna tell most is; In Thailand, the feeling always penetrated my mind; 'I have to do something every time, every moment'. This encouraged me to have various experience in Thailand.


On the other hand, this turns bad if I have nothing to do or lost something new. During this period, so addictive to anime, reluctant to study TU course, passive to communicate with friends.



Songkran festival

Songkran is one of Thailand's most famous festival. This water festival marks the beginning of traditional Thai New Year. We celebrated New Year by shooting water to everyone. We can be wet while I was outside in Khaosan, Silom, RCB Club. I went to RCA, Bangkok famous club with Walid, Ri Ri etc and got drenched with much water. Some people were so nasty enough to put a bucket of water on my head in dancing & talking with my friends. We enjoyed Songkran like crazy.



Presentation 1 hour -remainded HGP I took before in Hitotsubashi-

Kevin's class, Foreign policy of South Asia countries, I presented about India's Pakistan's foreign policy with West Asia for 1 hour and half, including Q&A time as one of three presenter. I mean I talked for 20 minutes about why India viewed Pakistan and Afghanistan as strategic depth etc.


It reminded me of my experience that I presented for more than 20 minutes in Hitotsubashi Global Program and can't do without English script a year ago. In this time, English script on paper was not prepared. Am I better than what I used to be a year ago? I am just wondering.


With Group member, I got along individually I think. Ate sushi with Kids in last semester, Drunk at rooftop bar with Kimbery and so on, have dinner in group 'Girls who love alone', Haruna, Kotomi. Moreover, I talked with Kevin much in 3J whenever I have something to say.    




Coldplay came to Thailand fortunately when I was in BKK. I love Coldplay's music so much. Their music is like rock music but sort of different from other rock band. Is it more sensitive? I don't know how to describe it. SO AMAZING.


We, the audience were able to interact with with Coldplay by lighting LED wristband. Various colorful lights were created during their music. Looking back from stage, I realized I was surrounded with beautiful view produced by all audience. So moved.


I felt happy to be here with comfortable sound and awesome lyrics and beautiful view with LED wristband. I headed to stadium with Ace, his friends, and dumped into Lea at standing B. It was a lot of fun.



Labor relation seminar -Internship days-

I participated in Labor and industry relations workshop on the purpose of Networking for my company I worked. It was spoken by Japanese and Thai so Most Thai potential customer phuut pasa Angrit may daay.


I remember the day I tried so hard to talk to them in simple Thai like 'Ko to khrap? Phom maa chaa ○○ '



I Missed final exam

I couldn't make it to take final exam on that day. Wake up late? No. During exam I was studying in 3J canteen. Why I missed the exam? I mixed up exam schedule I just thought I was supposed to take it in the morning, but it was done in the morning.


It's totally my fault I didn't make sure exam schedule posted in Facebook. I freaked out to hear that students had been struggling in the morning. Eventually I've got opportunity to take it again next week after negotiation with BMIR office and Ajarn


Busy to the death -FINAL exam-

6/8 and 6/9 killed me with lots of task mainly final paper. I have 2 final paper and final exam this week it can't be tough if I don't spend most of time all day doing other.


However, I did internship for 4 days a week. I wake up at 6:30 and leave my apartment at 7:30 and work from 9:00 to 18:00 and Krap baan at 19:30 and then I've got time to study for final paper and exam. 6/11 week doesn't give me lot of sleep. It's just 3-4 hours


I have only to stay awake until morning on 6/8. On 6/9 I completed my course at TU. I have both; i got relieved and sad. When I realize I can't study at TU any more and finished my TU life in Thailand. I got so sad with feeling 'I am not a student in Thailand'



semester 1 travel -Singapore, Laos, Vietnam-

My travel destinations in first semester (outside Thailand) are Vietnam (again) alone, Singapore with Yuto, Lea, Laos with Nao, Cambodia with Yuto.


Semester2 travel -Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, South Korea-

 My travel destinations (outside Thailand) in second semester are Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar. I am so grateful to Everyone I met there like Hazirah in Brunei, Sya in Malaysia, Ri Ri, Thee, Ye Min in Myanmar.


I recommend going to Nepal, my favorite country. At first, Nepali people are so kind. When I did homestay in local district and tried hitchhiking in Pokhara, They always took care of me. Second, nature in Nepal is so wonderful. The view from top of mountain in Pokhara gave me inner peace. I was surrounded with Himalaya, over 7000m. It was an unforgettable scenery  in my life.


Three cities will be answered whenever someone ask 'What is your favorite city in Southeast Asia?' Paay, Thailand, Georgia town, Penang, Malaysia, Hoi An, Vietnam. What makes us interested in Penang? Wall painting can be seen in the street. I can't wait to explore in Georgia town to look for painting during my stay in Penang.



well... I cannot finish well. cannot describe how I feel about exchange life well

It was a lot of fun!

I treasure my experience in Thailand forever